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Nothing New in the World
by dave walworth
Umunum News Room
source: Umunum Chapter of CPRT

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From: "Charl du Toit"
In searching for "Great Epizootic" which I confess I had never heard of, I came across this, extracted from "Manufacturer and
Builder 1870-1879".
In regard to the Gilbert Elevated Railway, since this company has obtained all it asked from the Legislature, it is comforting to hear that something is to be done. It is given out that a contract is to be made for the iron-work. The plans of this company
combine more merits than those of any other elevated railway. Instead of being a disfigurement of the streets and avenues through which it is to pass, it will be a positive adornment, and will in no way interfere with the surface traffic. As to the annoyances to residents along the line, these have been greatly exaggerated, and must be endured, at all events, for the interests of the public...
The number of people travelling on it amounts already to 3,000 per day, and is steadily increasing, and it is no wonder, as the daily experience shows the immense advantage of never being delayed by street obstructions, while it is indeed, delightful to move at a rapid pace over wagons, cars, and people, which at certain hours of the day appear in Greenwich street, in an inextricable jam
Kind Regards
Charl du Toit

-----Original Message-----
Why is it that, here in a world where almost NOTHING is the same as it was 30 years ago, we are going to have to wait for an emergency to get something new started? Anybody who has done his homework knows what this "emergency"
is. It will be fuel.
Jack Slade

It is interesting to note that one of the spurs for developing electric trolleys was the "Great Epizootic". Love that word. It was a plague that killed thousands of horses that pulled horse drawn transportation. It was quite severe, as dead horses do not lend themselves to quick replacement.
Dennis Manning

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